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Harmonic and power quality analysis

Harmonic & Power Quality Analysis in Western Canada

Line Disturbance Analysis

With the increasingly widespread use of sensitive computer equipment, high voltage spikes and disturbances are creating problems in many facilities. Pace Technologies Inc. will apply recording units to your power system to assist in determining the origin of these disturbances. We will also make recommendations as to the most effective methods of reducing these problematic conditions. For the past 25 years, we’ve provided electrical testing, repairs, emergency service, upgrades and retrofits in Alberta, BC, the NWT and beyond.

Harmonic Analysis

Pace Technologies Inc. monitors harmonics to determine frequency and magnitude. Once the extent of the problem is determined, we can assist in supplying harmonic suppression systems to reduce the problematic effects of these harmonics.

Some of Pace Technologies Inc.’s instruments for harmonic and power system analysis are shown here. It has always been one of Pace Technologies Inc.’s mandates to provide state-of-the-art test equipment to meet client needs.

Power Factor Analysis

We monitor the power factor of your system to determine its operating characteristics. Recommendations based on the demand versus the power factor as to the size and type of power factor correction equipment to apply can be made subsequent to the monitoring period. Improving a system's power factor can greatly reduce utility charges and increase system efficiency.

Pace Technologies Inc. supplies and installs automatic stepped capacitor banks or static capacitors upon request.

DataView Screens


Clear and easy set-up of all functions from one tabbed dialog box.


Display all harmonics from 1st to 50th in bar graph from the voltage, current and power.


Display power and energy parameters - both instantaneous and total.


Display real-time waveforms by phase, parameter or total.


Display real-time phaser diagrams. Includes unbalance for both voltage and current.


Display harmonics in a text table from harmonic 0 (DC) through the 50th.

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