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Corona ultraviolet scanning

Quick & Accurate Detection Results with the Latest UV Technology

Pace Technologies Inc. offers the latest in ultraviolet (UV) camera technology for our valued clients throughout Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and beyond. These UV cameras are used in power plants, electrical utilities, high voltage laboratories, research institutes, in high voltage railways, mines and private industries to detect corona on high voltage equipment. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians use UV cameras to provide quick and accurate detection results.

Proven Reliable, Accurate & Effective

The UV camera is also used during commissioning to find design errors before using the high voltage overhead lines. The use of corona / UV cameras to inspect high voltage transmission lines and grid components has proven to be reliable, accurate and very effective.

Pace Technologies Uses the Corona Camera for Cases Such As:

  • Degradation of polymer insulators
  • Contamination - coastal salt; industrial vapours and dusts; cement dust; highway road-salt; tire dust and car emissions; agricultural dusts and fertilizers
  • Cracked porcelain insulators
  • Rusted cement and metal caps and pins on porcelain insulators
  • RFI, TVI and audio noise sources lead to customer complaints
  • Wrong design and improper installation that may lead to mechanical and electrical failure of hardware such as corona rings, conductors ADSS, etc.
  • Shorted bells
  • Loose hardware such as spacers, slices, clamps, etc.

Why UV Inspection?

The ability to easily detect corona and arcing sources and pinpoint their locations can save utilities considerable amounts of money. The information obtained by UV inspection leads to:

  • Prioritizing maintenance tasks
  • Avoiding unnecessary line washings
  • Concentrating on the faulty hardware
  • Avoiding redundant testing and replacement of line elements not directly involved with corona generation

Schedule your UV inspection by contacting Pace Technologies Inc. at one of our offices in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary or Fort McMurray.

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