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Deciding Between Dry-Type and Liquid-Cooled Transformers

Depending on how they are cooled, transformers are known as either liquid-cooled or dry-type. But which is the better option? At Pace Technologies Inc. we provide power transformer services and electrical field services in Kelowna and Edmonton, so we know a thing or two about transformers. Choosing the right type of transformer depends on many different factors, including environmental concerns.

Electrical  Field Services in Edmonton Alberta

The use of transformer fluids spans back over a century, but early transformer fluids were flammable and posed numerous safety concerns. This contributed
to the widespread popularity of non-flammable fluid mixtures containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). However, PCBs were eventually found
to be dangerous both for the environment and for human health, and their use was phased out during the 1980s and 1990s.

Thankfully, regulations and public concerns about PCBs forced manufacturers to develop safer methods of transformer cooling. There are many nontoxic
and biodegradable transformer fluids available today, and there are even transformers that don’t require the use of any fluids at all.

The Three Main Types of Transformers

Electrical field services in Edmonton are provided for three main types of transformers: liquid-filled, liquid-vapour, and dry type.

Liquid-filled transformers are kept cool with a dielectric fluid which remains in liquid form. The fluid used in a liquid-vapour condensation transformer
keeps the transformer cool by taking the heat away through evaporation. The condensate then cools down inside of the radiator tubes and returns to
a liquid state. Liquid-filled and liquid-vapour condensation transformers both fall into the “liquid-cooled” category. Dry-type transformers, on the
other hand, don’t require a cooling fluid, as they are kept cool via air ventilation.

Considerations When Choosing a Transformer

One of the main differences between liquid-cooled and dry-type transformers is that dry-type transformers tend to operate at higher temperatures, and therefore
have higher load losses. Dry-type transformers, however, are typically easier and less expensive to install because they are smaller and come with
fewer components than liquid-cooled transformers. They also require less cabling, as they can be placed nearer to the electrical load. Dry-type transformers
are easier to maintain as well.

If you require or would prefer a liquid-cooled transformer for your applications, then you’ll need to make a choice regarding the type of fluid used to
keep it cool. Professionals providing power transformer and electrical field services in Kelowna and Edmonton will highly recommend that you choose
a transformer fluid that minimizes your fire risk and which is made of non-toxic and biodegradable components.

Professional Power Transformer Services in Kelowna

Ultimately, the type of transformer you choose is going to be determined by your application requirements, and Pace Technologies Inc. is here to help you
figure out what those requirements are. We have been providing trusted power transformer and electrical field services in the Edmonton and Kelowna
areas since 1989, and we are familiar with the possible environmental impacts of different transformer fluids.

If you have any more questions about transformer fluid, or if you need power transformer services in Kelowna or Edmonton, just contact Pace Technologies Inc. today.

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