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Electrical Engineering Services / Electrical Equipment Upgrade and Modification

Equipment upgrades and retrofits

Upgrade & Retrofit Your Electrical Systems in Western Canada

How does an aging plant replace obsolete equipment without massive capital expenditures? By calling Pace Technologies Inc. We will upgrade your assets with rebuilt and retrofitted equipment at a savings of up to 2/3 the cost of new replacements. If you need electrical equipment in Alberta, British Columbia or the Northwest Territories, we are here to help with highly-skilled and experienced technicians. Schedule your electrical consultation with Pace Technologies Inc.

Our dedicated shop and expert technicians perform upgrades on:

600V Circuit Breakers

Pace Technologies Inc. upgrades with new solid-state trip units, electronic communication technology, adjustable settings, enhanced protection, power quality monitoring, energy management capabilities and more.

2400V to 15,000V Circuit Breakers

We can upgrade your circuit breakers to vacuum and SF technology. These upgrades improve reliability and decrease maintenance intervals. Other benefits include improving the interrupting, momentary and continuous current rating.

High Voltage Switches, Starters/Contactors, Motor Control Centers

Pace Technologies Inc. offers complete rebuilding services including:

  • Replating
  • Polishing
  • Hardware replacement
  • Painting
  • Replacing into existing cell
  • Testing and calibration


Upgrade from old electro-mechanical relaying systems to new solid-state packages from Schweitzer, GE, Basler, and more. These upgrades provide the following benefits:

  • Better system protection flexibility
  • More independent function availability
  • Small packaging for panel or rack-mount
  • LCD displays with real-time metering and system monitoring
  • Communication ports for metering
  • Alarms and fault data monitoring from remote locations
  • Reduced maintenance and calibration costs

Direct Replacement Breakers

Circuit breaker technologies allow large electrical users to exchange older, often obsolete equipment for upgraded replacements without disrupting existing switchgear. Most replacement breakers are designed to fit into the existing switchgear cell with little to no modification and will interface with the existing switchgear structure and maintain safety interlocks inherent in the original design.

Benefits of replacing circuit breakers typically include:

  • Enhanced electrical system reliability
  • Less cost and downtime compared to new equipment installation
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • No need for obsolete or hard-to-find spare parts
  • Various digital trip devices for short circuit and overload protection
  • Extended range of short circuit and continuous current capabilities
  • Increased safety by adding ground fault protection
  • Through-door racking and trip unit display
  • Increased safety by replacing with arc flash limiting breakers
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