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Imaging Services / Electrical System Infrared Thermal Scanning


Infrared Thermal Scanning of Electrical Equipment

Infrared thermography is a valuable tool in determining the condition of electrical equipment. Basically, all objects emit thermal energy which can be viewed with a scanner whose purpose is to convert the radiated electromagnetic thermal energy to electronic video signals.

Canada’s Largest Imaging Group

Pace Technologies Inc. uses only the latest in infrared thermographic equipment. As Canada’s largest imaging group, we’ve taken on sizable projects across Western Canada such as scanning the entire outdoor distribution system at Syncrude Canada – Mildred Lake. Pace Technologies Inc. is equally capable of performing corona and gas leak detection using state-of-the-art equipment.

Results may be interpreted by obtaining a hard copy (photograph or CD) of the thermal image and determining temperatures at the suspect areas. These temperatures can be compared to equipment thermal ratings and recommendations made.

Pace Technologies Inc. offers highly experienced certified thermographers to perform scanning of all electrical equipment. Upon completion of infrared scanning, we will provide a comprehensive report indicating the following:

  • Problem area (location of hot spot)
  • Photographic comparison between conventional and thermographic images of the hot spot scanned
  • Temperature rise between hot spot and normal or reference area
  • Cause of heat rise
  • Phase unbalance, if present and measurable
  • Areas scanned
  • Recommendations toward resolving an existing problem (eliminating a hot spot) depending on its severity

Infrared Inspection Window

Inspection in electrical–high voltage boards, switchgears and transformers requires access to the equipment. Thermographic inspection windows enable permanent access for the inspection of the equipment inside the enclosure in a safe and simple way and without disturbing the customer’s operations. Inspections may be performed at any time during normal operation and give instant and accurate results.

Mechanical Applications

Mechanical applications usually involve rotating equipment. Excessive heat can be generated from friction caused by faulty bearings, inadequate lubrication, misalignment, misuse and normal wear.

An IR refractory/insulation survey may include batch and continuous furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, ovens, dryers, kilns, boilers, ladles, hot storage tanks and insulated pipe. It is desirable that refractory/insulation surveys be performed regularly and initiated at the beginning of the equipment’s service life. An early survey serves as a benchmark for all subsequent surveys performed as part of a trend analysis program.

Building Envelopes/Roof Scans

In buildings, infrared thermography is often used as part of other investigative measures to help locate the source of building envelope concerns. It is also used to measure the success of remedial repairs or retrofits completed on buildings. Entire buildings can be quickly surveyed to determine whether there are any gaps in the air seal, missing or misplaced insulation, improper R factor in the insulation and if the design principles were carried through to the construction.

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