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Imaging Services / Infrared Fugitive Emission Detection

Gas Leak

Pinpoint Gas Leaks Before Trouble Strikes

Gas leaks remain a problem for companies that transport and transform industrial gases and chemical compounds, many of which are invisible to the naked eye. With state-of-the-art optical imaging using FLIR® GasFindIR™ thermal cameras, Pace Technologies Inc. can pinpoint leaks fast.

Our thermal camera technology offers a range of benefits when compared to traditional ‘sniffers’. These cameras are capable of scanning a broader area more rapidly and in areas difficult to reach with contact measurement tools. The leak will be displayed as a plume of vapour in the infrared image. Once found from a safe distance, a toxic vapour analyzer (TVA) can be used to quantify the concentration.

Successful Gas Detection in Western Canada

Pace Technologies Inc. has a history of excellence, including successful gas detection services in Alberta, British Columbia and throughout the Northwest Territories. We can pinpoint gas leaks before trouble strikes and your service is affected. Infrared thermography has become a critical part of Preventative Maintenance for operations around the globe.

Safely Spot Gas Leaks in Tanks, Pipelines & Facilities

Pace Technologies Inc.’s infrared cameras for the oil and gas industry are preventative solutions that help spot leaks in tanks, pipelines and facilities that will improve safety and profitability. We will also help you minimize emissions with less risk of business interruption due to actions from regulatory agencies. Capable of rapidly scanning large areas and miles of piping, our highly specialized infrared cameras find gas leaks fast.

Petrochemical & Refineries

Refineries across the world regularly use infrared cameras as a proactive, preventative measure to identify sources of VOC emissions. Repairs to leaking components can be made before costly and dangerous problems arise.

SF6 Gas Detection

Pace Technologies Inc. helps utility companies better control sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) emissions through our innovative FLIR GasFindIR LW cameras. These advanced systems effectively sense SF6, a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential 23,900 times that of C02. We can help you protect the environment now and for future generations.

Environmental Enforcement

In fact, the GasFindIR thermal cameras used by Pace Technologies Inc. are currently used by environmental enforcement agencies to test air quality and check if internal systems for removing chemicals are functioning properly. This technology is capable of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Municipal Gas Distribution

Municipal gas is provided across the globe to residential, commercial and industrial users. A leak can have disastrous consequences as natural gas is highly explosive. Through the use of infrared thermography, we can pinpoint small leaks and scan pipes to ensure safety in residential areas.

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