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Transmission and Distribution Services / Power Transformer Services

Power Transformers are the heart of every power system starting at the Utility generating station’s Step-Up Unit transformer (GSU) down to the Dry Type Transformer supplying production equipment. All of these transformers have varying criticality to our customers; however most are critical to reliability and production regardless of the product produced.

Maximizing transformer return on investment begins with proper installation. An improperly installed transformer can age between 2 to 10 years for every year in service. For this reason Pace Technologies employs Power Transformer experts each with over 15 years’ manufactures experience in Power Transformer Installation, Power Transformer Site Assembly, Power transformer Vacuum Filling and Power Transformer Acceptance Testing. Our experts utilize the latest in Test Equipment, Methodologies and Oil Treatment Plants to ensure your transformer is put into service properly.

At Pace Technologies we believe your Oil Filled Power transformer should provide over 40 years of trouble-free operation with correct, timely transformer maintenance. Each Generator Step-Up transformer, Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer are unique in their application and similar in design and operation. This similarity in design allows trending of maintenance results to determine not only the current condition or “Health” of your transformer; it can also be used to predict pending conditions that may have adverse effects on your transformers and system reliability. Our Power Transformer experts work with our customers to design a Power Transformer Maintenance Program that fits their operating budgets while maintaining the integrity and life expectancy or their transformer fleet.

Pace Technologies provides a full complement of Power and Distribution transformer “Predictive Maintenance”, “Corrective Maintenance” and “Insulating Oil Analysis” services to help our customers understand the current condition of their transformer fleet and develop maintenance plans to maximize reliability and the life cycle costs of their transformer fleet.

Transformer Field Services

  • Commissioning and Maintenance Services
  • Degassing and Vacuum Processing
  • Moisture Reduction
  • Re-inhibiting (DBPC)
  • Transformer dry out
  • LFH – Low-Frequency heating
  • Insulation Power factor Testing (Doble)
  • Capacitance and Dissipation Factor testing (tan delta)
  • Bushing Capacitance and Power Factor
  • Excitation Testing
  • Turns Ratio (TTR)
  • Winding Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarization Index
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR)
  • Leakage Reactance
  • Tap Changer Commissioning
  • Insulating Oil Analysis
  • Oil Diagnostics and consulting
  • Core ground
  • Phase relation (IEEE)
  • Auxiliary Device verification


  • Oil Consulting – DGA, Liquid Screen etc.
  • Condition assessments
  • Fleet management
  • Tap Changer inspection and maintenance programs


  • Transformer Repair & Replacement
  • Field Leak Repair and mitigation
  • Transformer life assessments
  • Hydran Installation
  • ITM Retrofits (Intelligent Transformer Monitor) retrofits
  • 32

    Years in Service

  • 760,000

    Annual Service Miles

  • 175+

    Emergency Calls per year

  • 4

    Mobile Test Trailers

  • 45

    Service Vehicles

  • 35,000

    Projects Completed

  • 110,000

    Annual Service Man-hours

  • 40+

    Field Service Representatives

  • 15,000 sq/ft

    Service Shop

  • 1.5 acres

    Secure Laydown Area

  • 500+

    Pieces of Test Equipment

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