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Pace Technologies – Your Source for Independent Electrical Testing


Pace Technologies Inc. was formed in 1989 with the merger of two testing companies. Through the unification of company philosophies and corporate goals, we have risen above our initial vision of corporate success. The combined strengths of our founding members and our ongoing pursuit of excellence has lifted Pace Technologies Inc. to a hard-earned level of regard and respect by both our clients and peers. We always have and always will provide professional, safety-focused service of the highest quality.


  • To provide the highest quality, truly independent testing services available to all aspects of the electrical industry (commissioning, testing, witnessing, supervision, modifications, upgrades, etc.).
  • To ensure that client testing needs are met in the safest, most precise, expedient and cost-effective manner possible.
  • To continually provide technical and safety training to our personnel and to our clients to ensure a safe and prosperous future together.
  • 28

    Years in Business

  • 760,000

    Annual Service Miles

  • 175+

    Emergency Calls per year

  • 3

    Mobile Test Trailers

  • 41

    Service Vehicles

  • 30,220

    Projects Completed

  • 110,000

    Annual Service Man-hours

  • 40+

    Field Service Representatives

  • 15,000 sq/ft

    Service Shop

  • 1.5 acres

    Secure Laydown Area

  • 500+

    Pieces of Test Equipment