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Get Precision and Safety with Industrial Drone Inspections


While manual industrial inspections have been the norm, they are not free from errors and can threaten the safety of the workers. At Pace Technologies Inc., we believe in providing our clients with top-notch solutions by harnessing the latest technology and making the most of it. That’s why we offer multiple types of drone inspections in Edmonton, British Columbia, Calgary, and Fort McMurray. Be it building facades, solar panels, roofs, or high-voltage distribution lines, our aerial inspection facility can offer a detailed and precise check for a variety of industrial needs. Just share your requirement with us, and we will be happy to assist you.


Multiple Types of Drone Inspections Available!


You can place your trust in us to provide you with multiple types of drone inspections. These advanced methods will not only offer you high-resolution photos and videos of the area to be inspected but will also ensure that the workers are not subjected to safety risks and destructive contact.


Building Envelope (Facade) Inspection


A manual building inspection may work well for a smaller facility with only a few floors. However, big commercial units with over 50 floors cannot be inspected adequately without aerial aid. Not to forget, extension ladders and scaffolding may not only get expensive but also dangerous. That’s when our drone technology comes to the rescue. Not only do drones produce high-quality images for error-free inspection, but with their aerial infrared thermography, they can effectively assess the exterior walls and cladding system and pinpoint any structural damage.


Roof Inspection


Replacing damaged roofs comes with a high cost. Therefore, it is important that you conduct thermal roof inspections before purchasing, selling, or leasing a building. If you notice that your roof has been leaking or showing signs of excessive moisture, chances are that you will get your entire roof replaced. However, with drone inspections, you can dramatically reduce downtime and expenses by figuring out the exact problem areas and surgically repairing them. The infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect and mark the moisture-trapped areas for effective repairs, replacement, or resurfacing. This advanced infrared survey can also offer information for curating a highly effective roof maintenance program.


High Voltage Inspection


Transition resistance in damaged, old, or unprofessionally installed distribution networks can result in overheating of its components. The energy loss caused in such situations can give rise to both security and economic issues. While traditional cameras cannot unearth such problems, the advanced thermal cameras used in drone inspections can determine the surface temperature in a contact-free manner and help avoid any major issues in the future. Additionally, a drone inspection does not require a technological shutdown which further improves the quality and precision of the inspection.


Solar Panel Inspection


Solar panels often face two major problems – defects in the PV cells or defective converter boxes. With our thermal imaging equipment used in drone inspection, we can help you detect such problems so that you can maintain your operational output optimally and receive a high return on investment.


Why Go for Drone Inspections?


Drone technology is a game-changer in industrial inspections. It offers two major advantages:


  • Mitigating energy loss: Large commercial units are often unable to manage their energy losses optimally. Drone inspections help pinpoint the energy loss to reduce repair expenses. Unlike traditional methods, drone inspection allows a full view of the internal and external infrastructure. This helps in identifying the potential problem areas and repairing them instead of a full replacement.


  • Decreasing inspection liabilities: It is no news that full industrial inspections are costly, time-consuming, and complex. Most importantly, they come with a high risk for the workers who use extended ladders and scaffolds while working on high buildings. Drone inspections completely eliminate such risks by automating the process. In addition to that, they offer detailed information by expertly investigating every part of a building. This helps a business make informed decisions and also reduces the complexity of the inspection process.
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